http://www.anji.com.tw/contact.html 安吉生技股份有限公司 Anji Biotech Corp. http://www.anji.com.tw/images/corpimg.png 30352 新竹縣湖口鄉中華路120號 (D棟三樓-3) $ 03-597-7218    In Taiwan, there are many agricultural talents, and each has one’s own insights in the utilization of fertilizers for plant growth. With that being said, Taiwan lacks of a fertilizer company capable of integrating these talents’ ideas into a good product that can compete in the international market.    Based on the above fact, Anji’s R&D team was established in 2010, and had incorporated with market feedbacks to improve our design as well as process techniques. Until now, Anji has accumulated many design and process modules in making excelsior liquid fertilizers, and has more than 60 ODM fertilizers on shelves in Taiwan. Our Vision: Make Taiwan’s cutting-edge fertilizers rise and shine internationally. Our Mission: Create win-win by tailor-making customer’s desired fertilizers. Our Core Value: Be excelsior in fertilizer innovation, be honest in business operation.台灣的農業種植技術人才濟濟,尤其在液體肥料的應用百家爭鳴,都有獨到見解。然而,台灣缺少能整合各家所長,並研發製造出能與國外肥料大廠產品媲美之本土肥料公司。 基於以上緣由,安吉研發團隊於2010年成立,並結合農友與經銷商實際應用需求,持續精進研發與製程,至今已有多項成熟技術模組能做出創新液體、固體肥料產品,並有超過60隻替客戶量身訂製的獨有產品於台灣市場面市。安吉願景:讓代表台灣高端技術的肥料能在國際舞台發光發熱。 安吉使命:堅持替客戶量身訂製獨家肥料產品,創造雙贏。 核心價值:永續創新、誠信經營。
http://www.anji.com.tw/ 安吉生技股份有限公司 Anji Biotech Corp.

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Address:30352 新竹縣湖口鄉中華路120號 (D棟三樓-3) (Full display google map)

安吉生技股份有限公司 Anji Biotech Corp.
Address:30352 新竹縣湖口鄉中華路120號 (D棟三樓-3)
30352 新竹縣湖口鄉中華路120號 (D棟三樓-3)